Limited Edition of 100 Prints Print size: 18x24 inches, packaged in plastic with a cardboard backing Each print is numbered 1 to 100 and personly signed by the artist Each print will come with a certificate of authenticity $300.00 each Plus $20.00 shipping
Limited Edition Prints Pricing I will only produce a limited edition of either 500, 300, 100, 50 or 25 prints because I believe that anything more than 500 copies wouldn’t be a limited edition. I am sure that most people understand that the fewer copies there are in a limited edition, the more each copy must cost. To understand why a limited edition print has the price that it does we must start with what is the standard cost for a copy sold with no limits. For example, if an unlimited print the same size as a print in a limited edition cost $50.00, then a print from a limited edition of 500 prints must be sold for at least $100.00 each. Based on this scale, if a limited edition of 500 where each copy cost $100.00, then an edition of 300 prints must have a price of at least $200.00 each. So, I believe that most people would agree that $300.00 a copy is acceptable in a limited edition of only 100 prints. To continue with this scale of pricing a limited edition of just 50 copies must be rated at least $500.00 each, and a limited edition of 25 must have a price of at least $700.00 a copy.

The Vardon Grip




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